A Motivational Snack- Entrepreneurship Is Not For Everybody

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Entrepreneurship is not for everybody. And that’s okay. You can be an employee of a company and still build wealth. It’s not so much about the source of your income as much as it is how you manage/leverage your income.

One more thing, if you do possess an entrepreneurial spirit, there’s nothing wrong with working a traditional job while you build your own business. Just do your due diligence to ensure there are no conflicts of interest. Choosing this approach doesn’t make you any less of an entrepreneur. Trust me, no one is giving out gold stars to entrepreneurs that quit their jobs to pursue their entrepreneurial ventures full-time. It takes time. It requires preparation.

Entrepreneurship is not a fad. It is not a get-rich-quick scheme. Let’s be careful not to feed into the sensationalism of entrepreneurship.


A Motivational Meal of the Week- Stop Wearing Your Burnout Like A Badge of Honor


Rest is not a reward that’s earned. Rest is not reserved for the wealthy. Rest is an essential part of our survival.

One more time…

Rest is not a reward that’s earned. Rest is not reserved for the wealthy. Rest is an essential part of our survival.

It troubles me that, as a society, we have been conditioned to wear our burnouts like badges of honor. We glorify overworking ourselves and idolize the hustle of those who adopt the, “I’ll sleep when I’m dead,” mentality.

But, why, though?

If we’re honest, at the core of that mentality is fear. Fear that we’ll miss the mark, that we’ll fail to achieve our goals; that life will pass us by and we’ll never reach the pinnacle of our success. For others, it’s the fear that resting will cost you something; the fear that you will be left behind- unfulfilled and unhappy.

I drank the Kool-aid.

At a very young age, I imagined what my life would look like by the time I turned 30-years-old. And over the years, I’ve molded that vision for my life to reflect any new wants and desires that surfaced. Then I got to work and I worked tirelessly to achieve everything I envisioned.

A few weeks ago, I turned 30-years-old and it hit me. I had dedicated all of those years to working extremely hard to manifest something that was my birthright. Now don’t get me wrong, I’m not saying hard work isn’t important. I’m not saying that sacrifices don’t have to be made. I am saying that there’s a difference between work ethic and obsession. I am saying that you can be successful and well-rested. I am saying that what you accomplish in life means nothing if you’re not around to celebrate it with the ones you love.

Stop wearing your burnout like a badge of honor.

Your well-being is more important than your account balance. Your health is more important than the accolades. True wealth has nothing to do with money. You cannot buy happiness and fulfillment is not a reward disbursed to those who forfeit sleep the longest.

It’s time to shift our mindset.

You can work hard, you can work smart and you can still achieve the goals you’ve set for your life. You can do all of this without compromising your well-being.

On my birthday, I chose to forfeit my normal routine of setting specific goals for the new year of life. For once, I want to see what God can do when I surrender the need to control every aspect of my life and simply say, “Lead me, I’ll go.” I trust the journey and completely expect to be blown away by what happens when I move out of the way.

“Come to me, all who are weary and burdened, and I will give you rest.”

-Matthews 11:28

The Greek word for “rest” is “anapauó.” My favorite translation of “anapauó” is “take my ease.” Take it. It doesn’t say earn it. This is your one chance, the only life you have, don’t waste it burning yourself out in chase mode. Work hard, work smart and rest. Rest, my friend, rest.  And trust that everything you seek for your life is seeking you and will arrive in due time.




A Motivational Meal of the Week- Cast Your Cares

Have you ever gone fishing before? If so, you know how important it is to bait your hook and cast your line. These are two of the most important steps, because they’re key to attracting fish.

If you bait your hook, but fail to cast your line, guess what? You will spend a lot of time waiting for fish that will never come. Similarly, if you cast the line without any bait attached to your hook, you will produce the same outcome.

Most of us are familiar with 1 Peter 5:7. We’ve read it in church, probably even quoted it in our prayers, but how many of us can say that we’ve mastered the execution of this scripture? I know I haven’t. In fact, just recently I realized that I wasn’t really casting my cares and anxieties; I was playing tug-of-war with them. Through prayer, I would cast them and 3.5 seconds later, I would be devising a plan to remedy those same cares and anxieties. How does that work?

The Greek word for “cast” is “επιρριψαντες” and it means “to throw upon.”

It’s important to note that throwing our cares and anxieties on God doesn’t render us incapable of contributing to the solution. For example, if one of your anxieties is around paying your bills, you cannot cast that care and just expect God to pay the bills for you each month.

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When you cast your cares and anxieties, you’re really casting the worry and fear that’s associated with them. You’re stripping those cares and anxieties of their power to steal your peace of mind and your joy. You’re saying, “I need help figuring this out, God, please order my footsteps.”


Remember- You cannot cast what you’re afraid of letting go

This is where trust comes into play. I trust that if I don’t cast my cares and anxieties, I’m going to jack something up. Lol, just kidding, not really. I trust that if I can rid myself of the stress, fear, worry and doubt that I can make wiser decisions and better navigate whatever challenges I’m up against. I trust that being properly aligned with God will position me for victory no matter what.

With trust comes surrender

It’s okay to stop playing tug-of-war with God. It’s okay to cast those cares and anxieties in full trust that God will equip, guide and strengthen you for the journey ahead. I believe that it is possible to live a life free of worry, a life free of stress, but it all starts with one action. Who’s ready to truly cast their cares and anxieties this week? I’m in, are you?


A Motivational Meal of the Week- Build Your Own Table


Build your own table. 

I know it’s easier to wait. I know it’s easier to hope that someone else will make decisions with your best interest in mind. It’s easier to strengthen your network in hopes that opportunities will find you.

It’s easy, but ask yourself, “Is it what’s best for you?”

The most precious gift of all is time and it is limited. Why would you want to waste your time at the foot of someone else’s table receiving crumbs when you can build your own table and enjoy a feast?

A Motivational Meal of the Week- “Don’t Compete, Collaborate.”


Happy New Year!

I hope 2016 was a great year for you and that 2017 is even better! As we plan our year, I want to encourage everyone to consider how you can help someone else become successful this year. I think a lot of people are afraid to shift their focus from their dreams and aspirations to help someone else achieve theirs. And that fear is usually strengthened by the ‘What-if’ questions. You know the ‘What-if’ questions I’m referring to- “What if I don’t achieve my goals?” “What if that person becomes more successful than me?” “What if that person betrays me or wastes my time?”

I have a better ‘What-if’ question

What if helping others become more successful is the key to your success? For true, sustainable success, you will need help from others. It’s a cycle. Someone helps you, you pay it forward by helping someone else. We all win. We all eat. So instead of competing, instead of fighting over the crumbs, collaborate and share the feast of success.

There’s room at the table for everyone.